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Integral Fashion Tex in overseas operates a design department whose responsibility is to assist the customer in obtaining the desired garment. This department not only develops new ideas but also caters to the customers and suppliers to solve any technical problems related to the garment.

Integral Fashion Tex is also responsible for proto-samples, sales samples, and any other sampling needs related to the customer. No work can proceed without approval from the customer and also from the qc & design department.


Integral Fashion Tex has developed lengthy relationships with manufacturers in all the major cities of Bangladesh These relationships enable the company to provide a large range of services and be confident to produce any type of garment necessary within competitive time frames and price ranges.

Integral Fashion Tex can handle all findings, label packages, accessories, etc and can either manufacture in Bangladesh, all according to the customers requirements.

Our partner manufacturers can produce any quantities desired, from 1,000 pieces to 100,000 pieces without sacrificing timing or quality.


Integral Fashion Tex is very strong in cotton and cotton/poly blends of Bangladesh, which supplies the best quality fabrics and yarns to the world. We can provide basic jerseys, rib knits, fleece, drop needles, jacquards, and dobbies in any weight desired, and welcome any development fabric the customer may need.

Integral Fashion Tex and partners in overseas imports synthetics / materials and accessories, laces through firms in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, and can provide any quality desired.


Integral Fashion Tex can negotiate lead times necessary to satisfy the customer, however, normal lead times are 60-90 days from order/sample confirmation. In extraordinary cases we can manage 45 days, and for most reorders successful turn-around can be accomplished in 30 days.


Integral Fashion Tex is very competitive in pricing due to the varied options provided by it's manufacturing partners.


Integral Fashion Tex works with the customer to establish quality controls, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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